Jillian Dinkel / 06.11.2018

Luxury Inclusions every Bathroom Renovation Needs in 2019

There’s a lot to love about a high end bathroom retreat, but what’s worth spending up on? These are my must-have splurge items for your bathroom renovation! Bathrooms renovations are getting bigger and better than ever with creative new materials and innovations to create both functional and beautiful experiences for homeowners. As a designer, I’m fully on board. There are few places in your home that gets as much use as the bathroom, and for that very reason it’s design should be carefully considered to suit your needs and bring you joy every day. Though space often dictates the practicality… Read article →
Jillian Dinkel / 26.07.2018

The Terrace Designer // 5 Ways to Brighten your Dark Terrace House

I’m in the midst of construction at my Paddington Terrace design project and wow it is a beauty! ((See my IG stories to follow along!)) My site visit today was to review the bathroom renovation as well as check the internal painting progress. My clients and I could both not contain our excitement over how light and bright the terrace felt with a fresh coat of cool-toned white paint! A common misconception is that white is white, but really there are a hundred different shades of white! It was only once my clients saw the new white shade against the… Read article →
Jillian Dinkel / 19.07.2018

The Terrace Designer

I love a terrace house. The classic details, high ceilings, fireplaces and petite outdoor escapes- they get my heart racing!  Terraces are my favourite pieces of Australian historical architecture, which is why I choose to focus specifically on updating terraces to suit our modern lives. One of the biggest challenges of living in a terrace can be the small footprint- but i choose to see this as an opportunity when it comes to renovating! The petite size affords you, terrace dweller, the chance to use premium, luxurious materials over more economical choices required in larger spaces. Marble benchtops, fine joinery… Read article →
Jillian Dinkel / 21.05.2018

Working with an Interior Designer- How much is this going to cost?

Undergoing renovations to your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do to improve your day to day life. I'm probably a bit biased, but I think it's always a worthwhile investment to your lifestyle! Hiring a professional ensures you achieve the best possible result from your build or redecoration project. One of the biggest hesitations clients have about hiring a designer is the question of cost. What do designers charge? What benefits are you getting for their fees? Design Fees- how much should I budget for?  No two design projects are the same- but I advise… Read article →