Elegance Redefined: A Glimpse Inside Point Piper’s Most Exclusive Residence

Tour this Arts and Crafts estate brimming with old world charm and modern vision

Kilmory Estate holds a special place in my heart, having worked closely with clients on this property across two distinctive homes over the past few years.. It embodies the very essence of Sydney's architectural heritage within its gates. As an interior designer deeply passionate about period homes, I found myself captivated by the grace and elegance of this Federation marvel. Kilmory Estate, with its every meticulous detail, narrates a story—one of opulence, craftsmanship, and a legacy that transcends time.

A Grand Entrance to the Past

The grandeur of Kilmory Estate unveils itself the moment one passes through its imposing sandstone and steel entry gate, winding up the driveway enveloped by the property's private gardens. At the top a similarly scaled sandstone portico holds court, adorned with a familial crest, graciously welcoming guests into the estate's main house. Surrounded by such rich history, it was easy to imagine a modern twist—a blend of the estate’s historical charm and contemporary style.

Stepping inside, the entrance hall and stairwell are wrapped in dark timber paneling, an early source of inspiration. This architectural element transformed into a more contemporary version through carefully crafted oak paneling. This modern touch ensured the apartment's interiors exuded a cozy warmth, honouring the craftsmanship of the past right from the very beginning of the journey.

Timeless Interiors: Design Discovery & Heritage Exploration

At our studio, the design process is always rooted in curiosity and a dedication to understanding and honouring the legacy of the past. During the design discovery for our second project within Kilmory’s gates, our research unearthed a rare treasure- a collection of black and white photographs offering a glimpse into the property’s original interiors and the daily life that once filled it’s halls. 

Restoring Kilmory's Soul

As an interior designer specialising in older homes, my goal was to create interiors that resonated with the estate's history while embracing modern comforts. Working on two properties within the same estate was an opportunity to approach this challenge in two different ways to suit the canvas in front of us. The first, a penthouse apartment for a globally inspired family of four saw us working within a modern shell mostly stripped of original heritage to create the family’s primary residence. The second property, the estate’s former stables, was an opportunity to connect deeper with the heritage architecture while still ensuring the resulting spaces reflected the unique functionality required and displayed a curated selection of some of the best Italian design pieces alongside bespoke light fixtures by a design studio beloved by myself and the client. 

The Tour Starts Here

The journey through 1913 Point Piper begins here, with an invitation to step into this refined residence. Explore the whimsy of the children’s room, where imagination takes flight, and the versatile playroom/study, a haven for curiosity and learning. Delve into the heart of the home—the expansive Poliform chef’s kitchen, where modern culinary artistry meets functional elegance, and the bathrooms, shrouded in moody drama, offering a taste of sophisticated luxury.

Amidst these beautiful spaces, singling out a favourite is a real challenge! Yet, the music room holds a special place in my heart. Encased with a steel frame window, it opens to a serene view across the modern sunroom, seamlessly leading on to the primary living space. Within the room’s enveloping muted green colour, music and design entwine, creating an ambiance that resonates with both soul and aesthetics.

I look forward to sharing more as we close in on the completion of our second design project at Kilmory, displaying the same design ethos but expressed in a completely different way. 


Photography by Pablo Veiga Styling by Madeline MacFarlane  

See the full 1913 Point Piper project below: