Easton Street

Drawing on our extensive experience in maximising space, we reimagined the interiors of this home in the beautiful Inner West suburb of Rozelle. Easton Street was a different type of project for us as it’s not a period home. Being a renovation our client had dreamed of for some time, we were eager to explore the tricky design that the home presented, while creating something different and unique.

Honouring the homes aesthetics, we focused on natural materials and creating spaces with interesting sightlines, using bespoke finishes that are reflective of our client’s lifestyle and worldly travels. One of the key elements of this project was to sand back the existing floorboards to strip out some of the yellow tones. By doing this, we not only had a beautiful neutral base to work from, but it gave the home a cohesive feel. The heart of the home was the newly designed kitchen – a stunning textural interplay between marble and timber finishes. It also maximised storage which is always at a premium in Inner West dwellings.

“Jill is an exceptional designer. I asked her to transform my tired, boring, outdated kitchen into a minimal, uplifting space. It is now a work of art! From the moment we began working together, she had a complete understanding of my design aesthetics and requirements. From the inspiring planning process to the quality of the design, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the customer service have been outstanding. her expertise, design skill, professional approach are second to none.”

Jeni, Easton Street


Photographs by Pablo Veiga
Built by Prekaro Projects

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