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A limited opportunity for an exclusive One-on-One design call with Jill, designed to share valuable, individualised and specific advice for your home renovation, now.
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Jill is here to solve your design issues, so you can move forward both excited and confident about the direction of your project.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if making renovation decisions was easy?

You choose between a few different material options, all of which suit your budget, timeline and lifestyle. Those selections are all readily available and you feel absolutely sure about the end result. You can easily visualise how the colour scheme, furniture and lighting will complement your new space. Nothing comes up in the process that leads you off course from the plan.

But that’s not what happens, does it?

Whether it’s your first time renovating or your 50th, the sheer number of decisions is overwhelming. Each decision affects five others, and the process can easily leave you exhausted, anxious, and unsure of whether you’ll be happy with the outcome.

In between the idea of your project and the execution of it is a roller coaster of emotions, anxiety, and a whole lot of second-guessing yourself.

We get it. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of expert advice to make those small tweaks that give big impact to both your space’s functionality and overall look. Giving you both a fresh perspective and the confidence to move forward with your project.

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About Jillian Dinkel

Jillian is an expert in transforming heritage and period homes into timeless spaces suited to modern day living. With a passion for great design, Jill will confidently guide you through spatial, material and furnishing decisions to hit your home goals to create a beautiful home unique to you and your lifestyle. With a warm demeanour and the fast paced efficiency mindset of a New Yorker, clients are continually pleased with how much can be achieved across our 55 minute video calls. Jill loves sharing her knowledge and experience in renovating classic homes with homeowners across Australia- she looks forward to solving your design issues

Our Consultations are perfect for you if
  • You’re ready to tackle your home renovation or decorating project and need help refining material, colour and arrangement choices
  • You need a second opinion on your renovation plans to review space planning
  • You are mid renovation and need to make time critical selections now
  • You need kitchen, pantry, bathroom or laundry space planning advice
  • You are struggling to find the right furniture pieces to suit your style and budget
  • You’re not sure how to mix materials effectively and are overwhelmed by the choices
  • You need quick, actionable and specific advice to your home design questions

Jill’s goal is to provide valuable advice, design feedback and ultimately, inspire you to confidently move forward with your home design. We’ll be able to accomplish a lot on our call, which can include any of the following design elements

Problems We can Solve
Together On Our Call

Kitchen, pantry,
and laundry space
Making tile, stone
and cabinetry
Creating or
tweaking your
home’s interior
colour scheme
lighting, tapware,
and bathroom
Designing window
treatments and
bed linen schemes
Choosing furniture
to align with your
style and budget
Storage joinery
tips and ideas
Specific retailers
and suppliers to
Reviewing space
planning for your
extension or addition
Your specific and
unique home
design questions
What You Can Expect

When you book, you’ll be directed to our consult availability calendar. From there you can select a date and time from a limited number of available appointments. If you can’t find a day or time that suits your schedule, get in touch with us directly to discuss alternatives.

You’ll then be asked to share your unique project details and answer a short survey about your goals, style and design priorities. Jill will read this ahead of your consultation, to ensure your most urgent and pressing questions are addressed within your time together, getting you the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Once you confirm the appointment, you’ll be sent a calendar invite and link to our 55 minute Zoom call.

On the call, Jill will share her design advice, material and furnishing recommendations in relation to your design questions.

You’ll leave the call with a renewed excitement and confidence about the direction of your renovation or decorating project!

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Proven Success

Don’t miss this opportunity to access the expert insights that Jill has applied to her celebrated full service interior design projects.

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Your Questions, Answered

  • Is a Virtual Design Consultation right for me?

    Our Virtual Design Consultations are a great opportunity to get specific tailored advice without having to engage a designer for the entirety of your project. Of course, there is no substitute to having a design team work alongside you from conception to completion on a home project, but our one-off sessions are a great tool to offer tailored expert advice on your self-managed design project, in digestible chunks that work within your budget.

  • When is the right time to schedule my Virtual Design Consultation?

    If you’re reading this- then the answer is now! Our consults are designed to offer immediate and specific advice whenever you’re feeling nervous and anxious around the many important decisions that need to be made to ensure your renovation is a success. Many of our clients are embarking on home renovations for the first time, and there are a lot of pitfalls that can find your budget blowing out or worse, unhappy with the results of your space’s function or look. Jill’s decisive and confident approach to design issues are the result of her experience on not only client renovations but her own successful home projects.

  • What should I prepare in advance of my consultation?

    The more information you can share with Jill on your call, the better she can assist you with your project. If you have floor plans or drawings, have them prepared as digital files that you can upload within the ‘chat’ sidebar in Zoom. Having any materials or finishes that you are working with or thinking about is also useful to explain your vision. If you have a Pinterest board you’d like us to reference, you can send a link within the call, or include this link in your questionnaire responses.

  • What can I achieve during our 55 minute call?

    Our sessions are very productive, and we often get through your whole list on the call.

    Past sessions have resolved space planning for extensions, while others have focused on selecting materials and creating a balanced scheme for bathroom and kitchen renovations.

    Our time together is yours- so the more specific you can be in your pre-consult questionnaire the more efficient we can be together on our call.

  • I don't have a big budget, is this right for me?

    Yes! Your pre-consult questionnaire will ask about your budget, goals and style so Jill can make appropriate suggestions and share expert tips and tricks to make your budget stretch further. These suggestions can range from build to budget friendly material selections.

  • I'm in the middle of my renovation project- is it too late to schedule a consult?

    No! Our sessions are designed for this very issue- to offer immediate and specific advice to issues you’re encountering during your renovation or decoration project. We know that making quick decisions are key to keeping your project on budget and on time, so our sessions are a great way to get clarity on these selections and expert guidance to keep moving forward.

  • What does the consultation fee include?

    Your consultation fee includes a 55 minute Zoom call with Jill. Prior to your consultation, Jill will review your questionnaire to help you tailor your time to prioritise your key issues during the call.

    If after your session you want to continue working with Jill on other aspects of your project, you can book a second session to dig deeper into selections, planning or design ideas.

  • What if I need more advice after our session?

    Consultations can be booked in the initial planning stage, mid-renovation or after construction for help with decoration and styling ideas. Booking multiple sessions during this process can be helpful to keep a consistent informed direction when plans change or you get stuck.

  • What is the difference between Virtual One-Off Design Consultations and Full Service Design?

    Virtual Design Consultations are designed to offer immediate, specific and personal advice for an issue you are facing, tailored to offering you expert advice on only the items you need guidance on. These quick fix solutions are helpful when you are managing your own project, or working directly with a draftsman, builder or individual trades. These consults are an invaluable tool when your budget doesn’t allow for full interior design services.

    Full Service Design involves working closely with the JDD team from your project’s conception through design, budgeting, construction and the final furnishing and styling of your home. Our team manages your project in person from start to finish, so you can relax, confident that your home project is being managed by professionals at every step of the renovation journey. If you’re interested in Full Service design, you can enquire here.

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